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The College Athlete Debate A Quick Look

If you have been following the world of college sports at all, you may have seen that there is a debate as to whether or not they can accept payment for things like showing up for signatures and pictures, or getting given gifts by supporters of their college because of their performance on the field. It has been a huge debate in the world of sports, so it’s important that we understand why it matters.

As you likely know, college athletes usually get some sort of scholarship in order to be able to attend the university that they are at. Not all of them, of course, but a good number of them. That, according to many schools, is their payment for being an athlete. They don’t get a salary, but they get their tuition covered and they usually get the opportunity to go on into professional leagues, either in the United States or overseas.
But the debate came up when several NCAA athletes were slammed with fines and other penalties for taking money for signings and other publicity activities. That brought up the conversation – are these college students getting the compensation that they deserve for what they do? Should there be considerations made in order to make sure that these athletes are being taken care of? Should they be allowed to use their fame in order to earn some extra money on the side?

Some people claim it’s an ethics issue, other people claim that the students are not being treated fairly. It’s still up for debate at this point, and the NCAA is still trying to determine what the best path is for this whole issue. What do you think? Do college students get fair compensation, or do they deserve a little more for their efforts?