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Soccer foul can results in direct kick award from the referee, which may or may not change the course of the game.

FIFA App: Your App to Get World Cup News

Millions of people are now following the progress of World Cup 2014, and there are also good numbers of soccer bettors among the crowds. World Cup news is followed by everyone to get good information about the winning possibility of their favorite teams, or even to find the winning odds of their teams in term of sbobet betting. FIFA Official App became a favorite app to use for all World Cup fans.

World cup news is important for all avid soccer fans and bettors; FIFA Official App helps you to get all the necessary information.


FIFA Official App Benefits for Fans and Bettors

FIFA Official App provides you with all the current news and updates from World Cup event, including scores, player news, World Cup news, game schedule, conditions at the fields and many more. Since the app was released officially as representative of FIFA, this is definitely a great tool to stay tune in into everything happens in World Cup.

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Soccer Foul that Earns Direct Kick Award

Like in any other sports, soccer also has rules against violations by team player called soccer foul. There are many types of soccer fouls and one of the awards given by referee to the violated team is direct kick. This means the opposite team can resume the game from the exact position when the violation happens.

Fouls that Award Direct Kick

According to FIFA, here are soccer fouls that award direct kick:

  • Attempts to or direct kicks and trips against opponent player
  • Pushes and strikes against opponent player
  • Jumps at the opponent player
  • Makes contact or charges onto opponent player before touching the ball
  • Deliberately holds an opponent player
  • Deliberately holds or handles the ball with hands except for goalkeepers
  • Spits or does any offensive acts against the opponent player
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Differences between Yellow and Red Card in Soccer

Whenever we watch a particularly heated soccer game, we usually get emotional or surprised when referee suddenly produces yellow or even red card. These cards can decide whether the game will be won or lost (depend on which team you cheer on), but do you actually the differences between red and yellow card?

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Summary: soccer game has yellow and red cards to be awarded based on certain offences, but do you really know the differences?